At VCOC, specialized patient care is our top priority.  Each of our patients receive personal, one-on-one consultations with Dr. Kanter himself, offering you clarity and confidence from the start. As a private practice highly specialized in phlebology (vein disorders), we don’t offer an array of unrelated or unnecessary procedures.  Rather than diversify into liposuction, hair removal, Botox, and other matters, VCOC is focused on offering top quality phlebology services for patients that need expert results.

VCOC has a full-time, on-site duplex ultrasound system and was the first vein disorder center in southern California to offer advanced “color-flow” imaging for improved accuracy.  We were also the first to offer ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy since 1991 and the first to offer endovenous laser treatment for large varicose veins using the FDA-approved and patented Biolitec ELVeS® system. VCOC is committed to staying at the forefront of our field and passing that expertise on to our patients.


Consultation Procedure

It’s important to know that your consultation is unique to you and your needs. Each body is its own environment, with complex nuances and complications. Veins that are visible on the surface of the skin often have deeper sources hiding underneath, which can make diagnosis a tricky process. Because every case is different, it’s nearly impossible to provide an accurate cost estimate over the phone. Appearances are often deceiving: what looks simple to you may actually be more complicated to treat, and what looks complicated may actually be a simple fix for the doctor. Therefore, we offer low-cost consultations by appointment. This is not a cursory, momentary glance at your veins, but rather a full examination of your own individual tissue and vascular physiology.

Vein disease is a legitimate medical issue and we treat it as such. Therefore we allow adequate time for your consultation to accurately assess the details of your condition, make a complete diagnosis, and answer any questions you may have before you leave the office. After a careful review of your medical history and concerns, every vein patient receives a painless Doppler screening examination and duplex ultrasound examination, if necessary. Based on the specific findings in your case, Dr. Kanter will then personally:

1) Discuss any recommended diagnostic procedures.

2) Review the pros and cons of all treatment options appropriate for your case, both surgical and non-surgical.

3) Provide you with a written cost estimate. With your permission, a brief report will be sent to your referring primary care doctor as a courtesy.

The fee for an initial consultation depends on the complexity of the case: 30-minute consultations for spider veins are $85, and 60-minute consultations for large varicose veins are $125. The fee for duplex examination is $295.00 if needed; duplex is required for most varicose veins but rarely for spider veins.


Medical Insurance and Medicare

VCOC currently accepts Health Net, Blue Shield, and Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plans. However, we are not a Medicare provider. For all other insurance plans, our office uses a “fee-for-service” arrangement and does not accept assignment of benefits. Payment is due at the time service is rendered. We accept major credit cards and also offer several financing options. A detailed, properly coded statement of fees is provided for each visit to send to your insurance company for reimbursement. Insurance policies will usually cover treatment performed for legitimate medical reasons, but not for cosmetic improvement. Only our thorough consultation procedure, as outlined above, can document the existence of medical necessity and identify symptoms and findings attributable to vein disease. VCOC does not falsify codes or exaggerate findings in order to help obtain reimbursement. However, when medical necessity does in fact exist, you will be provided with a written consultation summary which documents the need for treatment in your case. This is usually sufficient proof of need for your insurance provider.

“This comes to tell you thank you, and then to tell you, too — The world’s a better place because of people as nice as you! I appreciate all you did in making my legs look so much better (feeling better too). Thanks again.”
“Dear Dr. Kanter & Staff, Thank you for your care and patience in your treatment of me. I shall be forever grateful to you.”
“Dr. Kanter, I just wanted you to know that I deeply appreciated your kindness and consideration. The recent treatment on my legs is remarkably improved!!”
“Thank you very much to all of you for making me “not to be afraid” of injections. You are a great team!! See you in about 3 months.”
“Aloha! Thought I would send you a taste of what we’re seeing on the islands. Hope you all get a chance to visit. Thank you for your part in helping me prepare for this wonderful vacation.”
“My legs just saw the light of day for the first time in 15 years. Thank you all for the miracles you have done. See you soon for my last treatment. Gratefully,”
“This doctor and his staff are wonderful! 100% improvement of my legs!”
“VCOC has a very professional staff and Dr. Kanter has wonderful bedside manner.”
“Fantastic service, excellent staff and care.  Dr. Kanter was wonderful.”
“I felt like I was in the best hands with Dr. Kanter, as he performs vein procedures exclusively."

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Dr. Kanter is retiring on May 31, 2017 and will no longer be accepting new patients after April 28, 2017.