Endovenous Thermal Ablation (EVTA) is the single most important advance for treating varicose veins in a century! Previously, one would be exposed to the risks of both surgery and general anesthesia for vein stripping, followed by a painful recovery with permanent scars.

Approximately 15 years ago EVTA was developed. This innovative process involves threading a small fiber into the diseased saphenous vein hidden below the surface, positioning it properly, and then slowly withdrawing the fiber with thermal energy turned on. Just as a dentist numbs a tooth, local anesthesia is first applied to make this a painless procedure.

When combined with simultaneous UGS for surface branches, this frequently eliminates the need for multiple treatment sessions with a 95% success rate.  VCOC is proud to offer VenaCure EVLT treatment to the entire Orange County area. Contact our vein center in Irvine for more info on VenaCure EVLT.

“This comes to tell you thank you, and then to tell you, too — The world’s a better place because of people as nice as you! I appreciate all you did in making my legs look so much better (feeling better too). Thanks again.”
“Dear Dr. Kanter & Staff, Thank you for your care and patience in your treatment of me. I shall be forever grateful to you.”
“Dr. Kanter, I just wanted you to know that I deeply appreciated your kindness and consideration. The recent treatment on my legs is remarkably improved!!”
“Thank you very much to all of you for making me “not to be afraid” of injections. You are a great team!! See you in about 3 months.”
“Aloha! Thought I would send you a taste of what we’re seeing on the islands. Hope you all get a chance to visit. Thank you for your part in helping me prepare for this wonderful vacation.”
“My legs just saw the light of day for the first time in 15 years. Thank you all for the miracles you have done. See you soon for my last treatment. Gratefully,”
“This doctor and his staff are wonderful! 100% improvement of my legs!”
“VCOC has a very professional staff and Dr. Kanter has wonderful bedside manner.”
“Fantastic service, excellent staff and care.  Dr. Kanter was wonderful.”
“I felt like I was in the best hands with Dr. Kanter, as he performs vein procedures exclusively."

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Dr. Kanter is retiring on May 31, 2017 and will no longer be accepting new patients after April 28, 2017.