Is sclerotherapy safe?

Sclerotherapy has been around for 100 years; the medication most specialists use (Sotradecol) was approved by the FDA in 1946; hundreds of millions of people worldwide continue to have sclerotherapy over many decades, most without any issues. Yes, I would

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Venaseal Recalled

On 5/14/15 I wrote that the Venaseal procedure had been approved and would be available this Fall. Venaseal is a patented catheter-based delivery system for “superglue” to ablate the saphenous vein causing surface varicosities without anesthesia or compression stockings. It’s

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How do spider veins begin?

How do spider veins begin? Unfortunately there is very little you can do to alter your fate with regard to getting common spider or varicose veins.  It is an inherited condition which cannot be cured, and it progresses with age. 

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Dr. Leary took a lot of time with me and was very detailed. He walked me through what causes the symptoms. He went through the different options to fix to the problem and suggested the best solution for me. He did a great job of managing my expectations. He has ...
I had large, bulbous veins on the front of the my legs where they were very noticeable. I like to wear shorts and I’m very athletic . I run, I go to the gym and the vein was right in front where I would always see it.I liked the idea ...
I am so pleased with how my legs look and feel! Over the past 20 years, I have had various types of treatments in several cities for my varicose veins, and Dr. Leary is the best. Never have I seen such noticeable improvement in such little time. Dr. Leary and ...
I have to tell you again that I’m absolutely thrilled with the work that Dr. Leary has done – I’ve had 4-5 sclerotherapy appointments with him and it’s been terrific. The difference is amazing – I’m definitely ready for summer! When I was in this morning I told him that ...

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